Your Reps Contact Information

Sr. Senator Ben Cardin: Contact Form for Direct Email

D.C. Office (202) 224-4524 Hours:
Baltimore Office (410) 962-4436 Hours:
Bowie Office (301) 860-0414 Hours:
Cumberland Office (301) 777-2957 Hours:
Rockville Office (301) 762-2974 Hours:
Salisbury Office (410) 546-4250 Hours:
Southern Maryland Office (301) 860-0414 Hours:

Jr. Senator Van Hollen: Contact Form for Direct Email

D.C. Office (202) 224-4654 Hours:
xxxx xxx xxx
xxx xxxx xxxx

Representative Elijah Cummings: Contact Form for Direct Email

D.C. Office (202) 225-4741 Hours: M-F 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM EST
Baltimore Office  (410) 685-9199 Hours: M-F 8AM-5PM EST
Catonsville Office (410) 719-8777 Hours: M-F 8AM-5PM EST
Ellicott City (410) 465-8259 M-F 8:30AM to 5PM EST

Maryland 2018 Legislative Summit Information

The Maryland Legislative Coalition is proud to present its first Legislative Summit aimed at political advocates interested in gaining insight into critical bills being introduced during the 2018 Maryland legislative session. The Summit, sponsored by Maryland Now, is an initiative arranged by local grass root organizations to increase voter’s breadth and depth of knowledge on important issues affecting Marylanders, including women’s rights, racial justice, voter’s rights, climate change, clean water and education.

The Summit will begin with a morning training session, conducted by Maryland Working Families, that will enlighten the audience on the Maryland legislative process and discuss best practices for influencing our elected officials. The afternoon session will introduce over twenty NGO’s (non-governmental organizations) that will present brief overviews of their legislative priorities and the bills they plan to introduce or support during the 2018 legislative period. Time will be allotted for participants to network with legislators, NGO’s and each other to acquire more information on significant legislative issues. Participants can choose to attend either the morning or afternoon sessions, or both.

Join us, our legislators, the ACLU, Chesapeake Climate Action Network, Common Cause Maryland, Maryland State Education Association and other local organizations on Saturday, December 3rd to network and discover more about the up and coming Maryland Legislative Session. You will leave with the necessary information required to effect change and be an advocate for important issues that concern you as a citizen. The Maryland Legislative Coalition consists of the following grass root organizations: Together We Will – Baltimore Area, Indivisible Towson, Catonsville Indivisibles, Indivisible Montgomery, UMBC Progressives, Together We Will -Delmarva and WISE.

The Summit is being held at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County Campus at UMBC Engineering Building Lecture Hall on Sunday Dec 3rd from 10am to 6pm. Free parking is available. Snacks and water will be provided. Bring a lunch or eat on campus.

Seats are limited, tickets are $5.00 and the event is expected to sell out quickly, so register soon. To attend the Legislative Summit, register at:

For more information contact: the Coalition, email:

CI Meeting Minutes – November 17

*For more information on any of the below topics, please contact catonsville indivisibles to be connected to the appropriate committee lead:

1. Preamble/Welcome/Introductions

2. Speaker: John Olszewski
John Olszewski is a candidate for County Executive who spoke on making Baltimore County government more accessible and responsive. He is a Baltimore County native and attended Sparrows Point High School, Goucher College, and UMBC. From 2006-2015, he served in the Maryland House of Delegates. For more information on John Olszewski, please see his website at:

3. Large Group Discussion/Updates (40 min)
•  Update on Refugee Groups we are Sponsoring
We are currently sponsoring a refugee family from Syria. They will be moving into Catonsville in December. They are currently in need of some bigger items, including bunk beds, a queen bed and mattress, couch, and area rugs. They also need tutoring for the two kids (math and english) who are in first and third grade. The father also needs tutoring for english – a male tutor would be better initially. If interested in volunteering or donating please contact Catonsville Indivisibles to be linked with the outreach coordinator.
•  Earned Sick Leave – Healthy Working Families Act
Last legislative session the earned sick leave bill (HR1) passed the general assembly, but was vetoed by Hogan. It is a top priority to ove-ride his veto this January. Please contact your representatives to pressure them to support this bill, especially if in District 44B (contact Shirley Nathan Pulliam). Support this bill by sending postcards, phone banking, and signing a petition. A story sharing session on sick leave (whether you benefit from it or do not) will be held at 4200 Edmondson Avenue Suite 100 on December 5 at 7pm. If you cannot attend and want to share a story, get a petition, or volunteer, please contact:
•  Maryland Pre-Legislative Summit, December 3, UMBC
The pre-legislative summit will be held on December 3. Catonsville Indivisibles is a sponsoring organization. From 10 am – 12 pm, Maryland Working Families will have a workshop on best practices for interacting with representatives. From 1 pm there will be a number of sessions/tables to discuss priorities for the 2018 legislative agenda.
Tickets at:
A gubernatorial forum is also being planned for either January 13 or 20. It is a free event, but donations will be needed.
• P2P Program Update
Currently targeting hard democrats. Volunteers needed to build relationships by knocking on doors, updating databases, etc.
• Healthcare Committee Update
The tax reform bill now includes a provision for cutting the Obamacare individual mandates, which would cause the ACA to collapse. Contact your representatives to oppose this. There will be a December 5 trip to DC to visit the senate offices.
• Harris Billboard Update
We really need for someone in District 1 (Andy Harris’) district to take over the billboard, especially the fundraising component. A meeting will be held with Carroll County progressives to pitch it to them.
• Ideas for voter registration
Start thinking of dates and locations for voter registration. We need to step this up after January. We may also run another voter registration training if there is enough interest.
• December Potluck
The potluck will be at the current monthly meeting location on December 16 from 11 am to 2 pm. It will be informal and you can drop in at any time. Please bring a dish to share. There will be crafts for kids and other activities.
• January Meeting
This will be a meet and greet with Allison Galbraith. Please email if you have a topic you would like discussed.

4. Next Steps/Events
-Maryland Pre-Legislative Summit, December 3, UMBC

-December Potluck – Dec 16th, 11-2 pm – Bring a dish. Families & friends welcome! Crafts for kids!

-Full member meeting, January 27, 10-12 pm – Meet and Greet with Allison Galbraith, candidate for the first Congressional District.

Trump TaxScam Info Part 1

Trump TaxScam

Republicans have completed Phase 1 of their #TrumpTaxScam.Now the fight is on. On Thursday, 216 House Republicans voted to pass the budget resolution, a critical first step in passing the Trump Tax Scam. That means the stage is set for Republicans to cut taxes for the rich and corporations by forcing cuts to Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security down the road — unless we stop them.

The tax fight and the healthcare fight are the SAME FIGHT (read why here). And, just like with healthcare, we can defeat them with nationwide constituent power. On your home turf. On the phone. In DC. Your voice can shape this fight.

Here’s what will happen next…

Republicans are expected to unveil the full text of their tax bill on Wednesday, after months of speculation. Two memos (one 1-page memo and one 6-page memo to rewrite our entire tax code!) showed early on that “tax reform” is nothing more than giveaways for Donald Trump and his buddies.

Then, the race to give their rich Republican donors is really on.After Republicans introduce their bill on Wednesday, we expect the House to begin marking up their bill during the week of November 6and they may vote as early as the week of November 13. As soon as the House votes, the Senate will begin marking up their bill. The Senate will likely vote on their bill right before or right after Thanksgiving.

But we. can. stop. this.

Republicans are already struggling to get this bill off the ground.The House had 20 Republicans defect during their vote on the budget resolution teeing up the Tax Scam. If we demonstrate widespread opposition to their bill from the beginning — if we show up, if we make calls, if we write letters to the editor, if we out organize them — we can control the narrative. And we can, and we will, win.

Who are the targets? Good question. EVERY STATE is a target state. We beat TrumpCare because we demonstrated a massive wave of opposition in every corner of the country. The Trump Tax Scam deserves the same level of attention from coast to coast and everywhere in between.

Here’s what we need to start building a groundswell of opposition to this bill:

  • National Call In Day, 11/2: After Republicans drop their bill on Wednesday, we’ll email you with our full analysis, call scripts, and contact information so you can let your Members of Congress know how you feel about their scammy bill. Many of our national allies are planning a national call in day onThursday, November 2, so mark your calendars and get ready to light up those phone lines!
  • National Week of Action to defeat the #TrumpTaxScam, 11/6 to 11/10: Republicans will mark their tax bill up in the House the week of November 6. At the same time, Indivisible Groups across the country are coordinating a National Week of home turf events to put hard, consistent pressure on their MoCs from the get-go. With top hats and monocles. With giant checks made out to the 1% (the media love giant checks). Any events registered on this event form by Indivisible Groups will get emailed out to our national email list of hundreds of thousands of supporters on Sunday, November 5 to drive attendance to your event! Our national partners at,, the Tax March, and Americans for Tax Fairness may also share YOUR events with their supporters!
  • Write a Letter to the Editor:

We have a hard fight ahead of us. So read up on our #TrumpTaxScam explainersplan (and register!) an event with your group, learn about it here: and rest up. If this fight feels big and scary and you’re not sure we can win, all we have to say is:

We can do this

PostCards for Virginia

Interested in Writing PostCards for the VA Election?

Visit to sign-up!

Guidelines on how to write PostCards: Challenge_guidelines_8-30_SM. 

Template: VirginiaIs4VotersBLUETemplate2

Facebook Group here:

Why VA is so important:

District 64 – Rebecca Colaw:

Asking soft-Dems to vote for her.
About the Addresses: The addresses you’re receiving represent likely voters who just need a push to get to the polls on an off year election. You’ll notice that the addresses have no names. We suggest using “VIP Voter” or “Important Voter” or something like that as the name associated with the address.
Mail Date: Please mail the cards on Oct. 25th
Disclaimer: While addressing the cards, don’t forget to insert the required disclaimer:

Paid for by __________. Not authorized by a campaign.

Pre-Legislative Summit Info

Maryland Pre-Legislative Session Summit

This Fall there are plans for an all day Maryland Pre-Legislative Summit. The overall goal would be to educate, inform, prepare, and connect everyone so we can be ready for the upcoming Maryland Legislative Session. First, there would be training on how to lobby in the state legislature for those who have never done so. We would then invite members of Non- Governmental Organizations (NGOs) like the ones listed below, to briefly speak. They would be asked to summarize their goals for this legislative session and then we would find a way to connect participants with the causes they want to amplify moving forward. I am looking for folks who are interested in structuring this experience so it will be valuable for everyone in attendance.

Through preliminary discussions with various NGO’s we have been told that our ability to lobby our elected officials in Annapolis would be necessary and highly effective tools in creating the changes we want to see in our state. So, this event would start connecting us with those existing agendas before beginning of the legislative session. Therefore, our timing is late October or early November and one idea is to hold it at the Columbia Interfaith Center, if possible. In order to offset the cost, there will be a charge of $5.00 if people sign up online and $8.00 at the door. Any grassroots group that provides someone to help organize the event will be listed as a sponsor. In preliminary talks with some legislators, there are indications that many of them will attend. This maybe a good opportunity to bring grassroots groups, NGO’s and legislators together in the same room.

Here is a possible list of NCO’s that could make a presentation.

1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East | Maryland/DC Division
ACLU of Maryland
AFSCME Maryland
Caucus of African American Leaders
Chesapeake Bay Foundation
Clean Water Action Maryland
Common Cause
Council on American-Islamic Relations
Equality Maryland
Jews United For Justice
League of Women Voters of Maryland
Maryland Alliance for Justice Reform
Maryland Climate Coalition
Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault
Maryland Green Party
Maryland Citizens’ Health Initiative
Maryland Legislative Agenda for Women
Maryland National Organization for Women
Maryland PIRG
Maryland State Education Association
Marylanders to Prevent Gun Violence
Maryland Working Families
NAACP Maryland
Planned Parenthood of Maryland
Sierra Club Maryland Chapter
The Arc Maryland
UFCW Local 400
Unitarian Universalist Legislative Ministry of Maryland
Women’s Law Center
Women’s Alliance for Democracy & Justice


We have a planning committee that has met twice in the last 3 weeks. We are looking for It does not require a lot of time. Right now we will be mostly working through email. Right now we a working on the main part which is calling NGO’s. About an hour or so a week.

If interested please send an email to: