Rally for the DNC Future Forum

This past weekend saw a small grouping of Indivisibles turnout in support for the DNC future forum. We chanted and marched against Trump in downtown Baltimore. Many cars honked horns in approval. Though, a small amount of friendly but misguided Baltimoreans decided gestures of disapproval were better than honking. This was my first ever political rally/protest.

I am not much of a sign guy. They are kinda big and at the end of the day you throw them out. Seems kinda wasteful to me. Perhaps next time I’ll use a Dry Erase board? Not sure, I’d like to be able to fold it up and put it away.  Though, I definitely liked having something in my hand. Fortunately, rulers were available to fight Trump every inch.

I also felt a bit awkward. I suspect it was something totally new and I wasn’t quite sure about it.  I also think it comes from the fact that when I was younger I was much more conservative than I am now. Though, I am also not sure how much effect rallys/protests have. Research does suggest that it does not result in shifting policy preferences for elected leaders but does help galvanize/motivate others.




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