Meeting Notes – February 19

It was a great meeting on Sunday!    Below are some notes from the meeting on Sunday, including those from the group and the Logistics Committee.

Notes from the meeting:

Suggested Short Term Actions:

  • Voter registration training upcoming on Feb 26, 3pm at Woodlawn Library
  • Scheduled calls and postcard sessions in a group to inspire people to action
  • Pre-prepared post cards at meetings, 3-5 topics
  • Assign subcommittees for issue topics/bills (suggested – Andy Harris 1965
    Education Rights Bill, GA 6 – Tom Price’s seat)
  • Outreach to other communities, faith groups
  • Attend other group’s meetings and report back (ideas, actions, events)
  • Get alerts when ICE is conducting raids, help vulnerable immigrants
    (Text “Here to Stay” to 877877 for ICE raid alerts)
  • Keep up with daily events (see for Baltimore protest calendar)
  • Have regular meetings
  • Communicate with the press

Notes from Logistics Committee:

  • Investigate best option for adding a matching calendar with events to both the website and Facebook page
  • Investigate different options for email, e.g. email access and different accounts/options for access by different committees
  • Assign admin access to others for the Facebook page
  • Organizers will continue to monitor and respond to emails
  • Continue to send out newsletters twice a week, one for updates and one for actions
  • Solicit information from committees to help with the newsletter
  • Meetings with committee spokespeople every 2 weeks and one meeting with entire group per month
  • Next meeting will be scheduled for March 19 at Arbutus Library
  • Investigate options for future meetings, preferably with no fee

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