Social Media Security

Below are some Catonsville Indivisible Tips when using Social Media

  1.  Most people use the same passwords for all of their accounts. Thus, if one is compromised all are. Instead use different passwords for each account. A password management tool like LastPass can help you manage all your passwords.
  2. Use passphrases for your social media accounts.  Instead of using something simple or easy like “Qwerty” or “Love12345” us passphrases. Passphrases are long strings of words and numbers. Typically,  they are built around an image. For example, your passphrase could be “AlaskawoodenJet45dinosaur”. Thus, when you think about your passphrase you picture the state of Alaska, with a wooden Jet flying over it and a dinosaur flying the plane wearing a number 45 jersey. Crazy I know, but you will remember that passphrase because you now have a mental image to associate it with.
  3. Use two-step (sometimes called 2- factor) authentication.  This security system involves connecting your phone to the account. Thus, in order to login there is a second step where you need to enter a special code. You can set-up 2-factor Authentication with the Electronic Frontier Foundation Facebook here and with Twitter here.
  4. It is OK to disagree with people or to disapprove with what institutions such as police or ICE are doing but speak positively on Social Media when you do. Remember, Social Media is devoid of context and anything you say or do could be the next viral post. Know, too, that there are conservative operatives who infiltrate groups and try to discredit them.  This Louisiana Indivisible Group found out the hard way. It’s an old play from the Nixon administration that was used on them. Indeed, smiling and repeating phrases (like a broken record each time they respond back) like:
    –“Friendly, but misguided” or “Friendly, but unexposed”
     –“No worries, we are a big country we aren’t always going to agree”
    –“We just want to hold the institutions accountable to the people and the community”Are more helpful than shouting matches or perceived slights on institutions. Know too that conservatives think about things differently, particularly when it comes to things such as Respect, Loyalty, and Patriotism. This TED talk explains more.
  5. Facebook has been more resolute when combating Fake News. Learn more to report it here.

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