Catonsville Steering Committee Feb 26th Meeting Notes

Steering Committee Meeting Minutes-Catonsville Indivisibles (CI)
Sunday, 2/26 1-2:30 PM

General discussion about Issues Committees:
Each Issue committee will be responsible for keeping up to date with issues & bills
Each Issues committee should come up with a ½-sheet brief, concise statement regarding the most current issues to be communicated to the CI group (researching & tracking legislation regarding specific Issue). There was discussion about frequency of the updates. We talked about trying to update on a rotating schedule, maybe two Issues updates per week? This would serve more as briefing information. Separate discussion about Urgent Action Alerts followed later
Statements will be sent to an organizer who will post them on FB, in the weekly newsletter, & on the website.
We talked about having individual “Issues” pages on the website.

Urgent Action Alerts-Issues Committees:
For time-sensitive or urgent action alerts, we discussed having each Issues committee be responsible for creating a FB Event, that is specific in what is needed (i.e. We need 10 people to attend such & such rally, or we need 20 people to call this MOC (member of Congress) and say such & such). Be very specific in what is needed & invite all the CI FB members.
Action alerts should also be communicated to an organizer & they can put it the weekly newsletter.

Communications/Events Committee:S
Suggested that this group could be responsible for creating resources regarding attending/creating Town Hall events (ie what to say, what to bring, what to wear). This could be a resource that could be kept on the website an/or a permanent FB post (ie file or document)
It was also suggested that this group could take the lead on establishing procedures & logistics for getting people down to some upcoming Marches in DC (i.e. meeting place, carpooling, etc)
Tax March-4/15
March for Science-4/22
People’s Climate March-4/29
National Pride March-6/11
This group could also come up with strategies for the Issues groups for how to tackle phone calls to MOCs, personal stories related to issues (ie help script a story if needed)
This group should be in contact with the Issues groups to be a resource
Communications/Events group can be responsible for:
Press releases
Letters to Editors
After-action reports
This committee can also work creating a graphic to represent CI (for stickers, signs, t-shirts, postcards, etc)

Outreach Committee:

There was some discussion regarding this group taking responsibility for partnering with a Swing Left group to support one of the congressional districts in a nearby state (PA or VA) through . There is also support that can be offered to outside state elections via . The discussion regarding the Outreach group heading this endeavor was tabled, however there is a Swing Left house party being hosted at the Catonsville Library on 3/4/17 @ 3:00.
It was shared that the Outreach committee was meeting later today. She shared that the group had thus far discussed two proposals regarding what they want to accomplish:
Model how to be inclusive
Meet with members of the community who have different views to engage in conversation

Issues-Immigration Committee:
There was general discussion around resources related to Immigration issues including:
ICE Immigration Watch
CASA de Maryland-Bystander training
Here to Stay organization
International Rescue Committee
UMBC Progressive Club
Russian Cultural Group
There was discussion about Immigration committee pairing with Outreach committee to find groups to reach out to to include in CI that will improve our diversity

Current Action Proposed-Postcard Writing
In conjunction with Ides of Trump (3/15)
Postcard writing day: Saturday, 3/11—Organizers will explore public businesses that may be able to host this (ie. Peace A Pizza; Rooster & Hen)–the idea is that people could stop in, socialize, patronize the business & write some postcards to be mailed by 3/15.
Each Issues committee will come up with an idea of what to write & to whom related to their issues & send this information to an organizer by 3/4/17 so that it can be communicated to the group.
Communications/Events group can be a resource for formatting scripts if needed.
Plan to advertise Event on FB by March 4th at the latest.

Next whole-group meeting is scheduled for Sunday, 3/19 @ 1:30 at the Arbutus Library. The room is already paid for by donations from the last meeting. Logistics will create an event for this meeting. An orgaizer will publish on Indivisible Guide as well.

After 3/19 meeting, we will plan another Steering committee meeting.


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