Meeting Notes – Whole Group Meeting March 19

Thanks to all who attended the meeting on Sunday, it was a great turnout with a lot of good discussions. Highlights of the meeting (and links to events) below.

  • Request for committees to create events that the committee agrees requires action by the whole group. Format for events should be: “We need X indivisibles to do Y on Z date”. Provide a link to a script, phone numbers, etc, as appropriate.
  • Recap of the Indivisible Guide, Indivisible umbrella groups and organizational structure, and the first Catonsville Indivisibles meeting that was held in February.

Committee Report-Back:

  • Environment – Evaluating issues of national and local interest including Chesapeake Bay funding, tracking local bills, sharing information with Sierra Club and Maryland Indivisibles; focusing on making things as action based as possible.
  • Health Care – Following the ACA repeal closely. The ACA vote will occur in the House this Thursday . On Monday (March 20) there will be a press conference in Annapolis to pressure Hogan to take a stance. Will have to see how things play out during the week and determine next course of action. Update on Maryland legislation for family planning services, passed the House on Thursday.
  • Education – Researching the committee and budget process regarding the BOOST Program for school vouchers, will get this information out to the whole group. Closely following Trump budget with regards to eduction. Oppose HB 610, Harris’ education bill, which repeals to Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 – show up at his town hall in Easton on March 31 to voice opposition.
  • Immigration – Rally on Sunday April 2, location TBD. Planning to conduct outreach to refugees through volunteering and donations. Support Maryland TRUST Act to resist ICE at state level. Outreach to local Islamic mosque that has needed 24 hour surveillance – possible open house.
  • Outreach – Working on definition of outreach as outreach could occur at different levels and with different audiences, e.g., religious groups, neighborhoods, students, political groups. Trying to find out how we can learn from and support these groups, focus on listening.
  • Communication/Events – Exploring what communication should look like and ways to help committees communicate, including through filtering information, using forms, and coming up with a process.
  • Logistics – Discussing logistics for upcoming meeting and events.

Swing Left – Guest Speaker

  • It was discussed the strategy for SwingLeft and Flippable, which is to take back the House in 2018 through grassroots efforts, including voter registration, phone banking, and house to house canvassing (partnering with KnockEveryDoor).
  • SwingLeft focuses on districts that can be swung (i.e., districts that were won by less that 15% of the vote in the last election).
  • The first two actions that will be undertaken are 1) voter registration and 2) canvassing houses to listen to people’s issues and concerns. Our closest swing districts are Pennsylvania-16 and Virginia-10.
  • A meeting to learn how to canvass is scheduled for April 1, location TBD.
  • SwingLeft is working on a mapping application to track where people have been to canvass and where they are scheduled to go so as not to duplicate efforts.
  • An “Electoral” committee will be formed within Catonsville Indivisibles to focus on voter registration, SwingLeft/Flippable, redistricting, etc.

Upcoming Events/Actions

  • Next Catonsville Indivisibles Steering Committee meeting (committee leads) is scheduled for Saturday, March 25 from 12-2 pm at Panera on Rt 40.
  • Voter registration – will look to schedule a training for registering voters in Maryland, training through the Board of Elections.
  • Phone bank for Jon Ossoff (Democratic front runner for Georgia-6 Special Election) – looking at dates and logistics for this.
  • ACA Rally – Thursday March 23 in DC before House vote to repeal/replace. Official rally begins at 1 pm in Freedom Plaza (14th and Pennsylvania). Indivisibles can meet at Union Station between 9 and 9:30 to march past Senate Buildings, Health and Human Services, down to meeting point.
  • Tax March in Baltimore and D.C. on April 15
  • March for Science in D.C. on April 22
  • Climate March in D.C. on April 29


Indivisible Guide:



Jon Ossoff Campaign:

March for Science:

Climate March:

Tax March DC:

Tax March Baltimore:

ACA Rally:


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