Baltimore Area Steering Committee Meeting Notes

3/30/17 Steering Committee meeting

Town Hall

  • 4/20 from 7 to 9pm, doors at 6pm hopefully
  • Cummings, Sarbanes, and Ruppersberger have agreed
    • We’ve invited Van Hollen w/o response
    • Cardin was invited but not confirmed the date
  • Topic will be how Trump’s agenda affects Baltimore City directly
    • Criminal justice reform, immigration, and education will be the main topics
    • We want to allow the MoC to give introductory statements for 15 minutes
    • Invite speakers who have been impacted by one of the three topic issues and ask a question (45 minutes)
    • General Q&A moderated by member of BMore, also acting as a timekeeper (1hr)
  • Ticketing
    • War Memorial has capacity of 1000 people
    • Very much want diversity in audience members, and don’t want to just release them online
    • Looking to give blocks of about 200 tickets to organizations that are speaking
    • Some reserved for Indivisible members
    • Because they are free tickets, there is a problem with no-shows.  We’d like to have day-of first-come-first served walk-ins.
  • Misc. info
    • Parking will be hard, will give clear parking instructions
    • Thinking about a postcard with action items on every chain (or something like that)
    • Going to cost about $600 total, BMore member is fronting this money and we’re looking to have a pass-the-hat fundraiser during the town hall.  The budget doesn’t include $ for promotions or handouts.  The space has AV equipment.
    • We’re going to need about 24 or more volunteers for set up, etc.
  • Things that need help!
    • A team of volunteers to get there before 6pm.  If you’re interested in volunteering, send me an email and I can put you into contact.
    • Promotion to our individual groups – This event isn’t public knowledge but you should be talking with your individual groups about saving the date.

Baltimore Area Indivisible Website

  • Live, but a lot of the content is missing.
  • There should be a live stream of the town hall on our website.
  • We should have a strategy of how the content is written.
  • We’ll wait for more people who have worked on the website to continue this conversation.

Climate March

  • April 29th
  • We need more information, those that have spearheaded this aren’t here.
  • Indivisible Towson chartering a bus to the science march on April 22nd.  If you’re interested in getting on this bus, contact send me an email and I can put you into contact with the organizer.


  • Four special elections coming up: Georgia, Kansas, Montana, South Carolina, (plus one in California which is a safe seat for Democrats)
      • These are vacant b/c previous MoC was appointed to cabinet
      • Generally low turnout, possible for an energetic group to come in and sway the election.
    • Georgia’s 6th District – Jon Ossoff
      • Attend phone banking meetings
      • Donate
      • Call your friends and family who live in this area
    • Virginia and New Jersey are having a governor’s race
  • Beyond the special elections
    • Swing Left, Flippable, Progressive Maryland, National Democratic Redistricting Committee
    • Indivisible can be hosting political anti-Trump forums
    • We could host clinics to teach potential progressive candidates on the ins and outs of running for an elected office, prepare them for campaigning
    • Invite people / organizations to our meetings that are tuned into local and national elections
    • Going north into PA for voter registration drives

Weekly Action

  • Jon Ossoff
    • Attend one of two phone bank opportunities to call voters in his district.
    • Donate money to his campaign.
    • Call your friends and family who live in this district to support his campaign.
  • Senator Cardin
    • Continue to all
    • Have each of your Indivisible groups to write a letter to Senator Cardin’s state director Carleton Atkinson at



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