KQA Indivisible Shoe Installation Project

KQA Indivisible Shoe Installation Project

On Thursday, July 13 (6-9 p.m.) KQA Indivisible is going to have a Shoe Installation in Fountain Park in Chestertown, MD. Parking looks to be sidestreet or in a lot. They plan to collect 900 pairs of shoes to display in the park representing a pair of shoes for every Kent County citizen who is likely to lose health care under the AHCA.

The idea is related to the famous quote from To Kill a Mockingbird about walking a mile in the other man’s shoes. They hope to call attention to the real, tragic effects of ACHA by displaying the shoes representing real people who are going to be suffering. The shoes will be donated to charity after the event. If your group would like to help or participate, they could use the following:

Drop off shoes at the Kent County Democratic Club headquarters on High St. (open Saturday afternoons and First Fridays) or at their table at the Farmers’ Market on Saturdays.

Shoes will be donated to charity after the event, so please donate still serviceable shoes to the cause.

Or Mail them. Have your members box up any unneeded but still serviceable shoes and send them KQAI. You can mail them to XXXX (PM me on Facebook for address). It would be particularly good to have some kids’ shoes since cuts to Medicaid are going to impact kids.

We would like to have a couple of speakers who feel knowledgeable about the health care issue attend the event and speak briefly (5-10 minutes max.). They are hoping to have press coverage and perhaps get a politician or two to come, especially those who have announced to run for the seat Harris currently holds in District 1.

Help set up shoes (set up starts at 5pm on the night of the event) by sending an email to KQAIndivisible@gmail.com

It’s on July 6th, so it’s after the holiday, and you won’t get stuck in traffic on the bridge.

KQAI Shoe Installation Flyer


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