Update: Dial to Defend the ACA

Phone Banking to Defend the ACA
3 Nights in a Row!

All, with Senate coming back on the floor and a “new” senate bill off to the CBO for a score now is the time to flood the Senate with calls. Of particular importance is Senator Collins of Maine. ACA Defenders have built a Hubdialer program that will allow us to connect directly to voters in Maine and then connect them to their Senator’s office. That’s where you come in and staff the phones!

The Baltimore Indivisible Coalition has a different room reserved for each of three days for us to make calls from; timed to greet Senate on their return. We would love for you to join us but if you can’t make (or you want to do more) the Hubdialer is designed to be decentralized. You can make calls from anywhere!

NOTE: The list pulls from (supposedly) the SEIU members. The turf was (and you may expect to be) friendly and receptive.

Sunday July 9th 3pm-5pm at the Miller library 9421 Fredrick Rd, Ellicott City Maryland 21042. Sponsored by: Catonsville Indivisible.

5 People made over 270 calls! We had at least 8 people patched through to call Senator Collins’ office and spoke with at least 20 other people who would be making phone calls.

Monday July 10th 6pm-9pm at AFSCME headquarters located at 1410 Bush Street, Baltimore, MD 21228

Tuesday July 11th 6pm-9pm at Baltimore County Democrats office located at 310 W Alleghany Ave in Towson MD 21204

Please bring a laptop and a cell phone. Please sign up for the Hubdialer prior to coming if possible. You can do so here. We look forward to working with you and helping to defend the ACA against the latest attack!


  • When you dial with Hubdialer your phone number is masked.
  • When you start to make your first call it will automatically connect you, without seeing the script before hand.
  • We’ve added images of the script below to get a sense of what is looks like:

What the script looks like

Second part of the script

3rd Part of the Script

What it looks like between calls. Your data appears.

You find yourself in a rush. It is OK to deviate from the script. I eventually started saying the the following which got better results than going through the long script:

Hi my name is____ and I am a volunteer with ACA defenders and we are asking for your help to defend the ACA. We are concerned that 22 million people will lose healthcare including approx. 119,000 in Maine.  We aren’t trying to sell you anything but we are asking that you please make a phone call to your Senator, Susan Collins.

Is that something you would be interested in doing?

IF YES, I either asked them if they would like to be patched through OR gave them her the Senator’s Phone number.

IF NO, I said “Thank you for your time”.


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