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There was a recent presentation in the area about Freedom of the Press and Fake News.  Here is the PowerPoint in a pdf format:  Freedom of the Press in the Age of Fake News Presentation

Links that covered it

Defending DACA Resources

Defending DACA Resources

News sources are reporting that President Trump is considering terminating the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. This move would turn our nation’s back on immigrant youth who are valued members of our communities. Terminating DACA would place the nearly 800,000 DREAMers whom the program allows to work and live legally in the United States at immediate risk of deportation. We need to call on our elected leaders TODAY to keep the DACA program intact. More information at

Vigils and events are on and will be posted on United We Dream on Twitter and Facebook. @unitedwedream

DACA Graphics from different organizations for use on social media

DACA Facebook Videos to Share

OFA The Dream Is Now documentary (30 minutes)

Talking Points if Trump Rescinds DACA

DACA Announcement Reaction Toolkit by Defend Our Dreams

Indivisible Guide Call To Action

If DACA is Rescinded Media Advisories template from Interfaith Workers Justice

#undocuhope #United4Texas Tweet Sheet


Hastag for all tweets and posts
#DefendDACA and  #RiseAndOrganize

                                            DACA Related Actions


Representatives: 1-888-496-3502
Senators: 1-888-410-0619
*Please call your 1 Representative and then your 2 Senators

Sample Script: “Hi, my name is X and I’m calling from City, State and my zip code is X. I am a person of faith. I’m deeply concerned about the reports that President Trump could end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) this week. I support the program and strongly oppose any attempt to terminate or alter it. I urge the Senator/Representative to do everything in his/her power to protect 800,000 DACA-recipients from deportation and support their right to work and study in this country. There are three things I’m hoping your office will do right now. Can the Senator/Representative appeal directly to the President to keep this program in place, issue a public statement of support for DACA recipients, and support a clean passage of S.1615 (DREAM ACT)/H.R.3591, the HOPE Act of 2017?”

IF DACA IS RESCINDED SAMPLE SCRIPT: “Hi, my name is X and I’m calling from City, State and my zip code is X. As a person of faith, I strongly oppose President Trump rescinding the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. This move is devastating for my community. I urge the Senator/Representative to do everything in his/her power to protect 800,000 DACA-recipients from detention or deportation and push for a pathway to citizenship through the immediate and clean passage of S.1615 (DREAM ACT)/H.R.3591, the HOPE Act of 2017?


From September 5th-September 8th, United We Dream (UWD) and the Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM) are organizing a hunger fast in Washington, DC to stand in solidarity with DACAmented community members and #defendDACA. DACA recipients will begin a hunger fast on September 5th, the deadline the Texas Attorney General and others have imposed on Trump to cancel DACA or face a lawsuit. It will last throughout the week. Click here to join an action in solidarity to support DACA and TPS. If you are in DC RSVP here for action on September 5th.

From now until September 5th, NAKASEC is holding a 24-hour vigil in front of the White House to defend DACA and save TPS. The action today will also include calls to say #NoMuslimBanEver. Please join us! Sign up to be part of the solidarity fast, vigils and actions

3) Faith Leaders

Faith leaders: We invite you to host solidarity vigils around the country. Click here for a faith vigil toolkit to learn how to host an interfaith vigil and sample media resources to amplify its coverage! For more resources, click here for a DACA mini faith toolkit. You can also connect with local undocumented youth organizations and immigrants rights groups.

Faith communities across traditions have repeatedly demonstrated an unwavering commitment to immigrant youth and their families, advocating for the DREAM Act, writing letters and filing Amicus briefs in support of the DACA program, and calling on all elected leaders to champion policies that would create a path to citizenship for undocumented individuals in the United States.

Follow @InterfaithImm on Twitter and “like” the Interfaith Immigration Coalition on Facebook to receive up-to-date alerts. Please tell us if you take action (opens a new webpage)!


Please tweet @realDonaldTrump and your Senators/Representatives:

  • We are called to #LoveThyNeighbor + welcome the stranger. @realDonaldTrump Dreamers deserve our protection #DefendDACA #Faith4DACA

  • Dreamers are: students, teachers, doctors, small-business professionals & integral to our communities & economies #DefendDACA #Faith4DACA

  • .@realDonaldTrump Ending DACA= loss of $460.3 B from GDP over 10 years + removal of 685,000 workers from economy. #DefendDACA #Faith4DACA

  • .@realDonaldTrump Young immigrants who have long called America their home shouldn’t be stripped of legal status #DefendDACA #Faith4DACA

  • .@realDonaldTrump Faith communities continue to fight to #DefendDACA #Faith4DACA

  • People of faith call on @realDonaldTrump to #defendDACA + the 800,000 immigrant youth it protects #DefendDACA #Faith4DACA

  • 800,000 immigrant youth could lose their jobs and stability for their families if @realDonaldTrump eliminates #DACA #DefendDACA #Faith4DACA

  • Over 5 yrs DACA has provided work permits to undocumented youth +invigorated our communities #DefendDACA #Faith4DACA

  • With DACA, immigrant youth have been able to purchase homes and support their children. We have to #DefendDACA #Faith4DACA

  • My faith community stands with DACAmented immigrant neighbors & call on Congress + @realDonaldTrump to #defendDACA #Faith4DACA

  • Ave hourly wages rose by 69% after DACA=more tax revenue for cities, states, & U.S. #Faith4DACA @realDonaldTrump

  • 16% of DACA recipients bought houses, 5% started businesses #DefendDACA #Faith4DACA @realDonaldTrump

  • At least 72% of the top 25 Fortune 500 companies employ DACA beneficiaries #Faith4DACA @realDonaldTrump

Click to tweet at Members of Congress facts about DACA and calls for them to engage. See more resources and ideas for social media action in this Digital Toolkit. 


Please click here for template Op-Eds that you can localize and add personal stories. See a recent Op-Ed in Baltimore Sun by local bishops, and others at


For DACA recipients: 5 Things You Should Know

Talking Points

Factsheets & Sample Social Media Posts

Sign On Letters


In case you’re going on air today & weekend – TOPLINES[frame – a no decision today as a win for our side and a demonstration of how organizing and pressure can win]

  1. When Trump and the WH took a good look at the human consequences of upending the lives of 800,000 Dreamers, they blinked. And for good reasons: DACA works, those with DACA are Americans in all but paperwork, and it would be heartless and cruel to dash their futures. Clearly, the outpouring of support from business leaders, faith communities, educators, governors, mayors, Democrats and a growing number of Republicans has made it clear that the country stands with Dreamers. This undoubtedly made a difference in this WH decision.
  2. Trump, Republicans in Congress should call on Paxton to back off. Paxton created this unnecessary crisis with an artificial deadline, and he can end it by pulling back. Paxton should focus on the crisis in Texas and not create a new one for the nation.
  3. DACA should be kept in place and Congress should step up and enact a permanent solution – a clean DREAM Act – without delay and without turning Dreamers or the DREAM Act into bargaining chips.