Environmental Issues Committee

Stop the Rollback of Oil and Gas Regulations

Using the obscure Congressional Review Act, the House has already passed a resolution to repeal the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) methane waste prevention rule put in place by the Obama Administration. The rule limits the amount of methane that can be vented, flared, or leaked onto public lands by oil and gas drilling companies. The amount of this methane waste not only affects the environment by filling the air with disease-causing pollutants and jeopardizing the purity of lands, but it also affects taxpayer revenue. The more methane that is wasted during the drilling process, the fewer natural gas royalties taxpayers can collect. Without regulating the amount of methane waste, an estimated $800 million could be lost in direct payments to the public over the next decade.

The house resolution to repeal the BLM methane waste rule, HJ Res 36, now heads to the Senate for a vote, expected soon.

Postcard Statement:

Dear Senator,
I urge you to vote against HJ Res 36 and keep in place the BLM methane waste prevention rule. It is a necessary protection for both taxpayer revenue and the cleanliness of our air.
Your concerned constituent,
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Senator Chris Van Hollen
110 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510