Political Action Resources


Below is a list of Political Action Resources

                                                                  Local Area Resources

                                                              Helpful Political Action Resources

  • MoveOn.org Text Team: Send Texts to encourage resistance!
  • MoveOn.org Podcasts: Each week Move On has a national call on Sunday night called ready to resist that lays out actions for the next week. Really great speakers that you can also hear after the call on a podcast.
  • My Civic Workout: sends out an action once per week
  • Wall of Us: Four concrete acts of resistance each week
  • Weekly Action Checklist for Ds, Rs, and Is another person’s weekly action e-mail that you can subscribe too. It is more like a regular e-mail, but has some interesting stuff
  • Refugee Restrooms: A website that is seeking to put together a list of trans-friendly restrooms.
  • Here to Stay: A text-based service which sends you texts related to events in your zip code.
  • Tips on How to Contact your Member of Congress (MoCs): A resource guide of some helpful links that provide advice.
  • 5 Calls:  A resources that provides scripts and phone numbers of elected leaders on different topics.
  • The 65:  Another resource that provides scripts and phone numbers of elected leaders on different topics.
  • What the F Just Happened Today:  A resource that provides short summaries of events. Note: A popular swear word is part of the url.
  • Democracy Io: A website that provides the ability to quickly contact your Member of Congress (Moc) via email.
  • Grab Your Wallet:  A list of companies that sell Trump Products. If you are a person who routinely uses those produces, we ask that you contact them and consider a boycott. It is ok, if you are unable to boycott them all. Focusing on the Top Ten would be helpful enough.
  • TownHall Project: A GoogleDoc with the most up to date Town Halls.
  • Sleeping Giants:  An organization dedicated to shaming companies who advertise on Breitbart. Slate has an article on it here, for more information. You can view Sleeping Giants Facebook Page here.  If you do decide to participate, you should use Incognito Or Private mode for your browser.  That way Breitbart does not get any “hits or clicks”, which they use to calculate ad revenue. You may also use this Twitter Script as a guide:

**tag retailer twitter account here** I hope it is not your intention to provide revenue to racism & misogyny. @slpng_giants can help remove Breitbart from your media buy!

Resources for Running for Office

How to Run for Office for the First Time: A quick overview of some resources and things to think about prior to running.
Candidate Training, Books, and Campaign Software: A quick list of resources

Resources for Protesting

So its your first protest?: A guide on what to do.

Resources for a MOC who does not show

Cardboard MOCs:  Guide for setting up a townhall or meeting with an absent MOC.